Modern Combat 5

Free FPS gaming client for mobile with single player and multiplayer first person shooter modes

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Modern Combat 5 takes most of the components that gamers expect from a modern first person shooter and does an admirable job of fitting them into a package suitable for mobile devices. While it may not be able to stand up to heavy hitters like Call of Duty and Battlefield in terms of the sheer amount of modes and fundamentals, it's still well worth a look for anyone who wants a free shooter that won't be a resource hog. The combination of solid game play, components for both multiplayer and single player modes, and the solid class system make this the most capable first person shooter around for mobile devices and less powerful computers.

One of the biggest barriers to entry with mobile shooters is that touch screen controls can't really replicate the level of precision you'll find with a traditional video game controller or keyboard and mouse setup, and while Modern Combat doesn't reinvent the wheel, it does manage to make the most of what it has. The controls are smooth and responsive, and what could easily have boiled down to a "click and kill" style of game play has a sense of tactile response due to the visceral feel of combat. A virtual joystick on the lower left of the screen provides traditional movement, while swipes allow you to turn with much more precision. A separate button allows you to fire. To accommodate for the lack of precision controls, Modern Combat offers a button that allows you to peer down your crosshairs and snap automatically to enemies within range. It may be a bit simplified when compared to more traditional shooters, but it gets the job done with aplomb.

Also adding to this sense of strategy and control is the full complement of weapons available to you. From sidearms to shotguns to machine guns and SMGs, you have a lot of control over how you play, and the developers have put in the time to make each gun feel unique and create a balance between the different stats. This allows you to create a character that suits your style. It's not the only option available however. In a first for the franchise, Modern Combat 5 allows you to choose a class for your character. There's nothing dramatically outside the box here, and the classes cling pretty closely to the archetypes available in modern shooters. You have the option to choose assault, sniper, recon, and heavy assault, and these have a meaningful effect on how you approach the single player and multiplayer missions. Each of these classes come with their own skill trees, upgraded over the course of the game, which give you the means to power up your character and more effectively customize your style of play. Both single player and multiplayer modes come with a diverse array of mission types.


  • Tight controls and beautiful modern graphics
  • Both single player and multiplayer options


  • A bit of imbalance with some of the weapons
  • Can't be played offline

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